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Vision of Arche

Vision of Arche

Securing distinguished technologyDevelopment and production of SiC wafer differentiated via securing its own unique intellectual properties.

Environmentally FriendlyDevelopment of transparent solar cells optimized for the BIPV (Building- integrated Photovoltaic) industry (BIPV(Building- integrated Photovoltaic)

A trusted companyResponses to specifications satisfying customer requests.

Introduction of Technology

Arche is leading the localization of electronic materials with differentiated technology.

Differentiated plasma laminated epitxial technology

후이즈 제지는 최신 설비를 사용하여
정밀한 공정과 세밀한 검수를 통하여 가장 좋은 품질의
제지를 생산합니다.

Arche's partners

Arche works together with numerous companies.